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Amanda is very knowledgeable and experienced as an EMDR therapist and embraces a holistic approach to well-being. She helps clients feel seen and meets them where they are. I would recommend her to anyone hoping to process through past trauma or grow towards increased freedom to live in the present!


Over the past 6 months, I have grown so much with Amanda’s work of applying EMDR in discovering why my body reacts the way it does and how I can teach my body to respond in a healthier way to life’s ups and downs.


Ms. Martin was kind enough to provide an "emergency" counseling session with me. I felt her kindness, compassion and empathy right away which helped me relax and allowed me to open up and discuss my situation and feelings.

Sarah R.

Amanda really helped me get to the roots of my struggles, and I am finally able to be free from my past so I can be who I want to be now.

Anonymous Client

When I first came to Amanda, I was a wreck. With her expertise, support, and empathy, I was able to heal from the past and can now be a present wife, mother, and business owner.

Anonymous Client